Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Taikisha (Thailand)”) hereby establishes this "Taikisha (Thailand) Social Media Policy for User" (“Policy”) regarding the use of social networking services or social networking sites operated by Taikisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ("SNS") for users. This Policy consists of "principle" and "guidelines", and Taikisha (Thailand) thoroughly enforce this Policy as a matter of priority by disclosing it worldwide.


1. Purpose of participation in social media
Taikisha (Thailand) aims to become a company that customers will favor for a long time by disseminating information about Taikisha (Thailand) through social media and maintaining a dialogue with customers. In particular, Taikisha (Thailand) will participate using social media for these purposes.
  • To understand customers’ opinions and requests concerning Taikisha (Thailand), and interpret what products and services customers really would like to receive.
  • To make Taikisha (Thailand)'s products and services familiar with more consumers.
  • To raise customer satisfaction and trust regarding the brand value of Taikisha (Thailand) through dialogue with customers.
Strengthening the relations through communication with stakeholders will assist Taikisha (Thailand) in solving problems of stakeholders and will contribute to the improvement of Taikisha (Thailand).
Through its experiences, Taikisha (Thailand) will strive to enhance individual employee values internally and externally, and contribute to the growth of individuals and communities.
2. Attitude of use social media
Taikisha (Thailand) understands that social media is a place of communication based on individual connections and worldwide publication, and that once posted information cannot be completely deleted.

This Policy shall aim to establish the regulations regarding use of SNS by all users in general.


Taikisha (Thailand) has established guidelines for all users  to indicate attitudes related to the overall participation in social media. All users who participate in social media activity are required to understand the guidelines and to apply careful respectful discretion when engaging in social media activities.

All users shall be bound by the following provisions.
3. By using the SNS, all users represent that they have thoroughly read and understood this Policy, and agree to be bound by and to comply with this Policy at all time when using the SNS.
4. All participation of all users on the SNS shall be user’s own responsibilities and user’s own risks, and Taikisha (Thailand) shall not be liable for any of such participation of the users. Users shall not state, or act in any manners which can be implied that user’s actions in represent, endorsement or authorization by Taikisha (Thailand), and shall avoid any action which may lead to such confusion or misunderstanding.
5. The right in all contents and information submitted, shared, or displayed by user on the SNS shall remain vested with the users. By submitting, sharing, displaying, or providing any content or information through the SNS, user grants Taikisha (Thailand) rights to use, store, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publicize, transfer, and distribute such contents and information by any methods and in any media.
6. Users of this SNS shall not conduct the following acts (including acts that are likely to occur) in using the SNS.
  • Acts of publishing, forwarding, or bringing into the SNS of the any of the following content or information.
    1. Any false, distorted or untrue content or information which cause or likely to cause damage to the public, public safety, national security, national economic security, infrastructure for the common good of the nation, or to cause panic among the public, or to constitute a crime concerning to royal family, national relation and terrorism.
    2. Content or any information with vulgar characteristics.
    3. Pictures with appearance of a third party which is created, edited, added, adapted or distorted by any means in the manner that is likely to impair that third party’s reputation or to cause such third party to be isolated, disgusted or embarrassed.
  • Acts that infringe on the rights and interests of Taikisha (Thailand), its affiliates, other users and other third parties.
  • Acts that slander, insult Taikisha (Thailand), its affiliates, other users and other third parties, with intention to cause damage to their honour, trust, privacy, and so on (including acts that disclose personally identifiable information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and other information in such kind of any person, without obtaining consent from such person, or with intention to cause the damage to such person.) and/or acts that interfere with business.
  • Acts of impersonation or any action intended to mislead, confuse or deceive other users or third parties that such action is taken by or representing any person to cause damage or defame such person.
  • Acts of infringement or allegation of copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or any other intellectual property rights of Taikisha (Thailand), its affiliates or any persons, and shall not take any action which may cause misunderstanding or confusion to the public about any of such rights.
  • Acts of bringing into the SNS of any content or information with aggressive, rude, or violent characteristic beyond generally acceptable by ordinary person with reasonable prudence.
  • Acts of challenging, provoking, influencing another user or any person to cause argument, dispute, quarrelling or commotion which is not a normal expression of opinion or criticizing by an ordinary person with reasonable prudence.
  • Acts of abusive, harassing, intimidating, threatening, or any other hateful conduct against other users or a third party.
  • Acts of criticizing in religious or political issues, or soliciting for participation in any religious or political organisations and other activity concerning other sensitive issues.
  • Acts that solicit for investment, donation, funding or purchase of goods or services, and so on.
  • Acts that introduce or publish a link to malicious content , other web sites, or any content that Taikisha (Thailand) deems inappropriate or solicit for viewing them or acts that use this SNS as means to download one or more files.
  • Acts that divert information gained through this SNS for commercial purposes.
  • Acts that send harmful programs or files, such as viruses or the like, to Taikisha (Thailand), other users or other third parties using this SNS to hinder the normal functions of the software and hardware of the computers.
  • Acts that post information and contents not having legitimate authority to be posted on this site.
  • Acts that interrupt, manipulate, impede the provision and use of this SNS by Taikisha (Thailand), other users and other third parties.
  • Acts that access any information or any part of the SNS that is not intended to be available to be accessed, by dishonest acts such as hacking, intercepting information during the sending or uploading process, and any acts that monitor or copy all or a part of the SNS.
  • Acts of causing damages to, destroying, distorting, changing or amending any content or information of another user on the SNS or any part of the SNS.
  • Acts of illegal access, suspension, control, change, or disclosure of security system or measurement of the SNS to any third party.
  • Acts of use of the SNS for any activity or any purpose which is against the law, or public order, or public morals.
  • Any other acts that violate this Policy, public order and morals, laws or penal regulations, or any other acts that Taikisha (Thailand) deems inappropriate.
7. By using the SNS, all users fully understand and consent Taikisha (Thailand) to access, collect, use, disclose, and transfer user’s personal information (“Personal Information” as defined below) in accordance with the provisions set forth below.
  • Personal Information shall means all contents, communication, and other information of the users that can identify the identity of the users, including but not limited to, name and surname, age, gender, address, picture with appearance of the users, and other personal identifiable information, including IP address, provided to Taikisha (Thailand) or publicly disclosed and accessible for Taikisha (Thailand) through the SNS.
  • Taikisha (Thailand) may access, collect, use, disclose, and transfer user’s Personal Information for any one or several of the following purposes.
    1. For indicating technical issue, verification of authentication of user’s identity and activity to detect, handle, control, and prevent any conduct which is illegal or against this Policy.
    2. For analysing and improving the SNS, and other products and services of Taikisha (Thailand).
    3. For making contact and communication with user, customer to notify news, promotions, and other marketing purpose of Taikisha (Thailand), as well as any improvement, update, or change to this Policy.
    4. For the protection of rights and property as well as business of Taikisha (Thailand).
    5. For compliance with laws, regulations, legal procedure, governmental request or order, for protection of safety of any person, national safety public order, and public interest.
  • Taikisha (Thailand) may disclose or transfer Personal Information of user to any or several of the following entities, and Taikisha (Thailand) shall not disclose or transfer the Personal Information to any other third person without user’s consent, unless it is made to become non-personally identifiable.
    1. Group companies, affiliated company, and business partner of Taikisha (Thailand).
    2. Taikisha (Thailand)’s entrusted person to conduct analysis, making report research and survey as well as handling technical issue for Taikisha (Thailand).
    3. Official and governmental authorities upon their request or order, or when it is deem necessary and appropriate by Taikisha (Thailand) to comply with laws, regulations, legal procedure, governmental request or order, to protect safety of any person, national safety public order, and to serve public interest.
    4. In case of meagre, acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganization, business transfer, that the Personal Information may be transferred to other entity due to such event.
  • All users have right to access, review, change, suspense, delete and destroy their own Personal Information under Taikisha (Thailand)’s control, as well as the right to request Taikisha (Thailand) to do so, to disclose how such Personal Information is obtained, and to make the Personal Information become non-personally identifiable, which is available to users as provided by applicable laws.
8. In the case that Taikisha (Thailand) determines that any user violates this Policy, Taikisha (Thailand) has right to take any one or several actions against the user as deem appropriate on case by case basis, which may include the following.
  • Giving warnings to the user for such violation.
  • Requiring the user to cease and/or rectify its failure to comply with this Policy.
  • Deleting the user’s content or information from the SNS.
  • Suspend the user from using the SNS temporary.
  • Suspend the user from using the SNS permanently.
  • Any other action as Taikisha (Thailand) deem appropriate and necessary on case by case basis.
9. All users agree and understand that the SNS will be provided functional and available to user by Taikisha (Thailand) based on an as-is and as available basis. All users shall use and rely on any content, information, or materials provided or obtained through this SNS from another user at the user’s own risk. Taikisha (Thailand) shall not guarantee, represent, endorse, support, or approve reliability, accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of any of such content, information provided by users or materials, and shall disclaim all responsibility and liability for any harm to user’s computer system, loss of data, or other harm caused from using the SNS and whether or not the SNS functions normally, or free from any error.
10. Taikisha (Thailand) can revise the contents of this Policy without obtaining the consent of the users of this SNS. In this case, the revised terms shall naturally become effective as soon as Taikisha (Thailand) publishes it through the SNS or other means, and after that, the revised terms of use shall be applied to all uses of this SNS.
11. All users represent and warrant Taikisha (Thailand) that user has full power and authority to be bound by this Policy and to perform any of its obligations hereunder.
12. All users must not be restricted or impaired by the law to be bound by this Policy or to perform any of its obligations under this Policy. Minors under the law may use the SNS only with permission or consent from their lawful parent or guardian. For any user using the SNS on behalf of any corporate entity, such user must have authority to do so and to cause legal binding to such entity under this Policy.
13. This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.
14. All users shall indemnify and hold Taikisha (Thailand) from and against any or all loss and expense arising from or in connection with violation to or failure to comply with this Policy of the user.
15. All users agree that no failure to exercise, nor any delay in exercising, on the part of Taikisha (Thailand), any right or remedy under this Policy or under any applicable laws, shall operate as a waiver, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy prevent any further or other exercise or the exercise of any other right or remedy. The rights and remedies provided in this Policy are cumulative and not exclusive of any right or remedies provided by law now or hereafter or otherwise.
16. All users understand that all information disseminated by employees of Taikisha (Thailand) in social media does not necessarily represent the official announcement and/or opinion of Taikisha (Thailand). Depending on kinds of our official accounts or the content of inquiry, contact method, reply availability, response time, and so on may differ.
17. For inquiries regarding social media use or this Policy, please contact us through the form of "Inquiry" by the address as specified below.
18. This Policy is given on this date of September 19, 2018.

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