Fully Pesticide-free Puri-na

Puri-na is pure (=Puri) leafy greens (=<Na/菜> in Japanese)
grown under controlled-indoor hydroponic farming.
Possible to harvest throughout the year
with high quality, and not influenced by the weather.
Color your meal with Puri-na every day.

How we grow Puri-na

Puri-na is grown under a controlled-indoor hydroponic farming process with no effect from seasons or weather.
Controlled LED and multiple cultivation shelves maintain a stable and efficient harvest cycle with Quality & Sincerity.

  • 01




  • 02


    Buds will come out

    during 3 days

  • 03

    Raise Plants

    Move to

    wide space

  • 05


    Ready to eat

    in one month

  • 04

    Transfer Stage

    Growing up


Puri-na is ready to eat in one month!
The whole cultivation process from seeding to harvest are done under high controlled temperature,humidity and nutrition.


Please click here for details of the cultivation plant "Vege-Factory"

Why we select Puri-na?

Vegetables by Puri-na have superior taste and quality by farming under clean fully pesticide-free condition and with hygienic management.
The ideal environment is made by controlling light, temperature, nutrient solution and CO2.

Fully Pesticide-free condition

brings Quality & Sincerity

We are serious about our "Fully pesticide-free condition”.
No insects in farm = No need for peticides. And there's also no need to wash with special chemicals any more. This system keeps the original nutrition, taste and freshness of vegetables.

Very Long Shelf Life

due to Extremely Low Number of Germs

The vegetable resist withiing and remain fresh for a very log time becouse there are practically nogerms while growing in indoor system.
They will be delivered fresh to shops.

*Conventional Hydroponic 1/100 Open Field Farming 1/10,000 (According to our research)

Puri-na Product

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